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independent program

Now you can love how your body moves, gain strength and endurance without fancy machines or jumping around to music in your living room. Master the compound movements, guaranteed to get results and transform the shape and definition of your body.
You can do this program in a home gym, CrossFit gym or functional training studio! All you need is a mat, dumbbell variety of sizes, and small and large bands. 

24 week program includes the following:
- Progressive workout program through 4 week phases
- 1x a week In App accountability with Coach
- Full body workouts progressing from 3, 4, to 5 times a week. 
- Focusing on resistance training combined with endurance.

independent program

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$89.00 a month

workout program

*This is an independent program to follow.
24 week commitments needed for the program. 
phase 2 is recommended to continue after this program.

client love

"She's great at answering questions, modifications, mobility, and strength. She wants you to succeed. She wants to hear your story, see you hit your challenges and goals, and work with you.”

“Incredible humbling. She is a boss momma she's been my trainer for the last 3 years. She is incredible. She knows how to challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone and push you to new limits that you have never been before. "

“Just found my daughters barbie doing supermans”

“You are amazing. Your energy, positivity and encouragement is something I value so much.”

“Thank you Chase for taking time to give me an alternative to my shoulders. Its so frustrating sometimes when I don't know what to do and tired of doing the alternate exercises”

“Shes seriously the best trainer I have used so far. She keeps the workouts moving and doesn't spend lots of time explaining, but still easy to follow. I have gotten all my best workouts with Chase”

“The results are in! I lost 16.4lbs and 4 inches around my waist alone! I tracked every single day of this 8 week challenge”