Tried all the fitness programs and fad diets, nothing seems to help you succeed? 

You tried all of the fitness programs (ordered those stretchy bands on TV, tried Power Yoga, even committed to walking every day) and fad diets (paleo, even Keto was fun; it worked for awhile); yet nothing seemed to help you reach and then maintain your desired jean size. Can you relate? 

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Adopt eating habits and a workout regimen that will help you create sustainable changes in your everyday, and (finally) gain confidence in your perfectly imperfect body. My way is designed for real people, the kind who are busy all day (and night), have little kids to nurture and carpool, and try very hard to ensure that their family eats something other than Chick Fil A every night of the week! 

I am a Personal Trainer and Online Coach. I want to help you because, once upon a time, I was you. I even have pictures to prove it! I suffered those days when my kids were little/minis, and I didn’t know what to do, when to eat, and how to make it all happen on schedule. I was, of course, too many months out from giving birth to blame my “fatty puffness” to leftover pregnancy weight gain. I was truly overweight, and confidence in my appearance had long flown out the window/been long gone. At that point, I was frustrated, but determined to research the best methods to regain my healthy and strong body. Through a bit of trial and error, I developed a plan that was doable (for both my family and me), and proved most fortuitous. It was a proud moment when I started seeing results, and realized that my mission was a success. I want to help you find your confidence again (or for the first time, maybe?), and show you how to carry out a nutrition and exercise plan that is sustainable, effective, and easy-peasy/will become second nature. I wish for you to incorporate my plan, so that you too will enjoy the freedom to look at all parts of your body, directly in the mirror, and feel pride. I have compiled effective workouts, the best habits, and the proper mindset for people like you and me. 

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I grew up active in a variety of sports and clubs. I used to think that I wanted to be the next Julia Roberts, as I was a participant in all kinds of theatre/theatrical productions. As I grew older, competitive cheerleading became a significant part of my life. Things were different in the cheer industry back then, and the sport really fostered my love for friendly rivalry and high achievement. I relished serving as the leader of my squad; my competitive spirit and quest for perfection helped me to positively thrive on competition day! 

Fast forward to my career and how being a cheerleader transitioned to coaching, transitioned to running a cheerleading program, transitioned to coaching group adult fitness programs. I worked with the kids in my youth, and have always had a heart for positively impacting the lives of young people. I loved seeing them change, mature, and then all of a sudden, become self-assured. I quickly realized, however, that even with all of the time I spent in the company of these youngsters, it wasn't enough to change their core habits. I had to work closely with their parents. My resolution then became supporting parents who, in turn, developed these habits with their children. This is truly where my personal training journey began. 

As the years progressed, I realized that my heart resided with the Mommas. Mommas, who had lost the dedication to their fitness routine or healthful eating regimen(things that used to come so easily). I observed former high school and college athletes experiencing/undergoing feelings of entrapment and despair upon reaching the blessed status of motherhood. As a result, fitness had moved to the last item on the “to do” list, and then eventually fell off it entirely. It is for this reason, that Chaselyn Fitness was born.

I now have 2 girls of my own, and every day I pray that my actions will inspire them to be independent, slightly competitive, motivated and above all, in harmony with Jesus’ teachings/live a life for Jesus. I hope to also inspire other Mommas to find their inner athlete, self-love, and healthy habits to pass on for generations to come. 

For many years, I coached group fitness classes, and did some personal training clients on the side. The energy of the group classes literally fueled me, and fired me up. I had quite a few members that were super dedicated and driven.This group showed up daily, and carried out all of the suggestions I advised. I also had some members who would show up from time-to-time to work out, but did not really alter their dinner plate habits - which left me feeling like I wasn't doing my job. There were still others who would sign up, and be super pumped in the beginning, and then fall off after life settled in, and schedules got crazy. Those situations were the hardest for me, as a trainer, because I felt that I wanted more for my clients than they wanted for themselves. 

Covid hit in 2019, a global pandemic that I never thought I would experience in my lifetime. I know we all felt this way. I saw peoples’ habits, routines, and schedules turned upside down. During that time, I was also tested, and in a matter of days (which felt like weeks), as my business depended on it, I was compelled to convert all of my group classes to an online format. It was during this time that I came to the realization that I thrived in certain ways, I recognized in myself that, under stress, I was able to seek, and provide solutions; to think quickly, and get tasks done. Though I probably knew this about myself deep down, I determined that I really wanted to commit to my clients, members, and tribe on a more personal level. I resolved to give them real solutions in getting what and to where they desired. The Chaselynn Williams brand was born as a result of and amidst this crazy pandemic. I also knew that the culmination of my years of selling, competing, coaching, and managing mini businesses had mentally prepared me for this change in my life, and to offer life-altering changes to others! 


I know that it's easy to jump from one diet and fitness program to another, and I also know that it tends to leave one feeling lost and defeated. I identify with that sentiment, and hate it! I created Chaselynn Fitness to instill long-term habit modifications. I have developed the tools necessary to accomodate busy schedules, and built game plans to meet weight loss and fitness goals. My goal is for Mommas to feel good about all aspects of their lives!

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If there is something I have learned about working with a diverse client base over the past 10 years, it’s that people have a tendency to overcomplicate things. Fitness and eating habits should not be deemed a chore.It should actually be FUN to take care of your body, and make good decisions for yourself. I have also noticed, on several occasions, that people fall off or “start over” because they don't have the support or accountability to make real changes in their lives. Many people don't know where to start, or how to keep plowing forward. They sign up for a special diet, or buy a nutrition book, and then a few weeks or months later, are once again lost and feeling defeated. I have also studied the repercussions of jumping from one fitness program to the next. Your body simply does not have time to adjust. People, then, become frustrated by seeing so little success or benefit, and immediately cease waking up for those 5 AM workouts… and then you are back to square one… starting-all-over-AGAIN. 

This is where Chaselynnn Fitness comes in. By becoming educated as to which precise methods work best for your body and schedule; Learning new ways to implement healthy habits and consistency with a coach and trainer to walk alongside you; Adopting ways to eat better, lose the weight you want, and continue setting goals as you move forward, and achieve “forever” success.Then, you will be able to build strength, lose body fat, and gain CONFIDENCE in your decisions and choices. 







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