Tailored for the time-conscious millennial mom, our scientifically crafted workouts provide efficient, low-stress routines, ensuring optimal results without compromising your busy lifestyle.
Embrace a holistic approach that not only transforms your physique, but empowers you mentally and emotionally.

ELEVATE YOUR home workout program

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Look, I know it's easy to keep saving and hoping that it will help you show up for those workouts. However you are still not really progressing in your workout routine. You want to see your body change, you want to have more energy, and you want to trust the program you are following. 

You don't need to save another workout to your social plan....

Look, I know it can feel that by saving these workouts you will take action on them, when in reality, they just sit in your saved section never to be touched again. Not only that, you just want to be able to get up off the floor after playing with your kids with out everything hurting, and you want to be able to move well for life. You want to feel good in your workouts, know you have a program to trust, and know that the program you are following will get you physical results over time. 

i see you...

You have lots of saved insta workouts, following that youtube trainer and pinning more workouts...

Understanding the demands on a millennial mom's time and energy, our program emphasizes the science of mind-body harmony. Stress reduction techniques, incorporated seamlessly into workouts, contribute to a positive mental state, facilitating a holistic transformation that extends beyond physical appearance.

Designed for the mom in you:

Numerous studies show that individuals are more likely to adhere to a workout program when they have external accountability. Having a designated accountability coach provides a motivational boost, increasing the likelihood of consistent exercise over time.

In-App Accountability:

The science behind our approach lies in progressive programming. Workouts evolve with your fitness journey, ensuring that each session challenges you just enough to stimulate growth without causing excessive stress. This gradual progression optimizes results, accommodating busy millennial moms who may have limited time for lengthy workouts.

 Progressive Programming:

3 Ways Our Approach is Different...

Experience a noticeable transformation in your body's tone and sculpt, enhancing your physical appearance.

Enjoy a boost in daily energy levels, providing vitality for various activities throughout the day.

Combat stress while achieving mental clarity, promoting not only emotional well-being but also a physically stronger and healthier you.

Enjoy an uplifted mood through the release of endorphins, fostering a deeper mind-body connection that promotes mindfulness and overall emotional well-being.

Results my clients see...

"I feel this working out and eating healthy is becoming easy. Excited that it seems to be something I can do forever. Mindset is so much of your program not just a diet to follow " — Robin N.

"this is something i can do forever"

Our program embraces the science of functional strength training, focusing on movements that mimic real-life activities. By tailoring each workout to your unique fitness level, we ensure that every exercise serves a purpose in building functional strength – the kind that enhances daily movements and prevents injuries.

Tailored Precision for Maximum Impact

Feel Empowered

Studies show that accountability significantly improves adherence to a fitness routine. By embedding your personal accountability coach within the app, we've harnessed the psychological principles that drive consistent behavior change. This not only boosts motivation but also ensures a sense of connection and support for the busy, perfectionist mom.  For millennial moms short on time, this means precise guidance at the moment it's needed, optimizing your form and ensuring every movement is effective.

Real-Time Support, Real Results


We're not just focusing on building muscle; we're prioritizing the overall well-being of the millennial mom. The science behind our "Train for Life" philosophy lies in the integration of mobility, functionality, and strength. This holistic approach ensures that your body is not only strong but also resilient and adaptable.
Scientifically, high-stress workouts can hinder progress and lead to burnout, especially for the time-constrained momma. Our program strategically incorporates low-stress, yet highly effective, exercises that allow your body to adapt and transform without unnecessary strain. This approach is rooted in the understanding that sustainable change requires a balanced and gentle progression.

Train for Life Philosophy

Move For Life


"The magic chase was able to help me with on my nutrition was amazing! I am so proud of my progress and enjoyed her guidance so much. I have learned so much these last few months" — Julie Z.

"my goal was to feel amazing on vacation"

"Thanks for creating this online workout program. I love that you remind me to get it done and the accountability of staying on top of things. I've learned so much about how to fuel my body and feel better about myself than I have in years. Maybe ever.... So Thank you for that. "
" —  Robin N.

"I've learned so much about how to fuel my body"

"I have learned so much in regards to creating a lifestyle that is sustainable and not just a “diet” to lose a couple pounds here and there. I am starting to see the results I didn’t even know I wanted 🤪 I can see muscles in my arms I haven't seen in forever and I don’t dread wearing a pair of shorts anymore. 
 — Michelle B.

"I am seeing results i didnt even know i wanted"

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Month to month of in app training and gain instant access to your accountability coach.
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Welcome to a fitness program crafted with you in mind – a journey that goes beyond mere workouts to offer a transformative experience. Imagine sculpting your body with precision through a unique fusion of strength training and full-body functional fitness. With our program, it's not just about exercise; it's a science-backed approach tailored to the busy, perfectionist millennial mom. Feel the difference as an accountability coach becomes your personal guide, providing support that transcends the screen. Picture the joy of consistent progress, the empowerment of adaptive workouts, and the positive transformation in your mindset and emotions. This isn't just a fitness routine; it's an investment in confident vitality, balanced energy, mental resilience, positive self-image, and lasting wellness. Join us in this empowering journey – where science meets motivation, and every workout is a step towards a stronger, healthier, and more fulfilled you. Take the first step today, and let's redefine your fitness experience together.


frequently asked

Good for you. I am glad that you are here and ready to make some changes. This workout program is designed for everyone to complete. If you feel the workouts are to intense, or you need modifications that are not specified, you can always reach out via our in app messaging and we will get back to you with options. These workouts are designed for you to go at your own pace as well. Each workout will have expectations written, and exercises have advancing options and modifications listed.

These workouts will depend on your efficiency. We have them programed to be 30-45 min for each workout. This is your mobility, warm up, and your workout. However, as you progress through this program they could lengthen as you get stronger and as you are needing more sets and reps along the way.

I grew up active in a variety of sports and clubs. I used to think that I wanted to be the next Julia Roberts, as I was a participant in all kinds of theatre/theatrical productions. As I grew older, competitive cheerleading became a significant part of my life. Things were different in the cheer industry back then, and the sport really fostered my love for friendly rivalry and high achievement. I relished serving as the leader of my squad; my competitive spirit and quest for perfection helped me to positively thrive on competition day! 

Fast forward to my career and how being a cheerleader transitioned to coaching, transitioned to running a cheerleading program, transitioned to coaching group adult fitness programs. I worked with the kids in my youth, and have always had a heart for positively impacting the lives of young people. I loved seeing them change, mature, and then all of a sudden, become self-assured. I quickly realized, however, that even with all of the time I spent in the company of these youngsters, it wasn't enough to change their core habits. I had to work closely with their parents. My resolution then became supporting parents who, in turn, developed these habits with their children. This is truly where my personal training journey began. 

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