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7 Benefits of weight lifting for women

December 27, 2023

If you believe the myth that women should only do cardio for weight loss and that weight lifting will make you bulky then you are losing in your fitness journey …….

What is weightlifting and what does it do for the body?

It’s a powerful tool & activity that used to be thought of for men only, but has become increasingly popular for women recently, and boy, does that make me happy. BUT…. there are still women who come to me and believe this myth that they must be doing cardio only and haven’t considered lifting weights. 🤯🤯Ahhh nothing drives me more crazy than this. 

Weightlifting is transformational for women’s health & appearance. 

By definition, weightlifting is simply an exercise that uses external resistance to target and work specific muscle groups. It concentrates on developing muscular strength, boosting muscle tone and improving overall physical performance, as opposed to aerobic activities, which primarily target calorie burning and endurance improvement.

Progressive overload, concentration and perfect form are the main principles of weightlifting.

The Benefits are INVALUABLE:

1. Increases muscle strength and tone

Lifting weights is a great way to build stronger muscles. Women can target specific muscle areas and improve their strength through resistance workouts. 

Along with improving athletic performance, this increased muscle tone also helps to shape and contour the body. You know that your glutes are one of your largest muscles, right? Cardio isn’t going to get you the booty you want…heavy weights & resistance will 😉 

2. Improves metabolism and fat burning

Women who exercise with weights gain more muscle mass, which raises their resting metabolic rate. This implies that their bodies burn more calories even when resting. So even when you’re not working out, your body is burning calories. 

3. Enhances physical performance

Strength, power and endurance are all improved with weightlifting, which also enhances total physical performance. 

Gaining functional strength through weightlifting improves performance in everyday tasks like lifting large things and keeping proper posture. 

When you have young children, this is important. As a mom, you know exactly what I mean… we are lugging around the kids, the stroller, the bags, the toys and everything in between. We need the strength and agility. 

4. Enhances bone health

Weightlifting is a weight-bearing workout that supports bone density and helps to build bones. 

This is vital since osteoporosis is more common among women. 

Combining weightlifting with a healthy diet and sufficient calcium intake can lower the risk of osteoporosis and enhance overall bone health.

5. Improves cardiovascular health

Weightlifting can benefit cardiovascular health by raising heart rate and enhancing blood circulation. This can lead to a healthier cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure and a lower risk of heart disease.

6. Increases positive body image and self-confidence

Women who lift weights frequently experience increased self-esteem and body positivity as they see their physical strength and abilities advance. 

Greater self-confidence and a more positive relationship with your body result from reaching strength, fitness goals, and physical changes.

This is an intangible gift that comes with the hard work put into physical fitness. 

7. Reduces stress and improves mental well-being

Lifting weights is a stress-relieving activity. Endorphins are natural mood enhancers released during physical activity, particularly weightlifting. Stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms can all be lessened with these endorphins.

I can attest to this, firsthand… exercise is my saving grace, especially on those stressful days. You may not always feel motivated to start the workout, but I have NEVER heard anyone regret the workout after it’s done. It’s an instant energy and mood booster. 

Weightlifting does not have to feel intimidating

Start small and build yourself mentally and physically. Let this be YOUR journey, no one else. This is why we meet our clients where they are at Chase Lynn Fitness. I do not believe in giving my clients a cookie-cutter program or promising them some quick 30-day results. 

This is a lifestyle that you must embody and build into the foundation of your own home so it fits in and doesn’t feel like extra work. 

The women who are part of CLF community and my clients feel empowered once they get a routine going. They become resilient and their personal growth surpasses what they could have ever imagined. 

Fitness & nutrition are not just because you want to lose 20lbs… it is for you to reach your highest potential, build your discipline, challenge yourself and reach your goals so you can live a long healthy life and give your children an example that they can pass on for generations to come. 

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