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Recently, I had a chat with a client who felt exactly this way, and it got me thinking. I realized there are eight key habits that might be making nutrition more difficult for many of us. Let’s break them down and talk about practical, faith-filled advice on how to overcome them. 1. Going Too Long […]

8 Things You’re Doing to Make Nutrition Harder


As we reach the middle of the year, it’s a perfect time to revisit and refocus on our goals. Many of us start the year with resolutions, but by now, they might have faded into the background. Fear not, as we dive into effective strategies to reignite those goals and set ourselves up for success […]

Mid-Year Goal Setting Strategies for Success for Fitness and Nutrition


I left my business coach last month. Some of you entrepreneurs might think this was a crazy move. Some of you mommas here might be like, wait whats that? I am used to writing posts and sharing topics written based on conversations I am having with woman, my clients, potential clients and even mommas just […]

Non Scale Ways to stay Motivated


The Yo-Yo Diet Trap In today’s episode, I want to dive into a topic that’s crucial for many of us: breaking free from the yo-yo diet cycle. As a fitness and nutrition coach, I’ve seen countless women struggle with this issue without even realizing they’re caught in it. The cycle often goes unnoticed until we […]

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